Saturday, 7 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 7

11 Miles - Keld to Reeth

The choice today was between Wainwright’s recomended route across the tops of the hills and desolation of long gone lead mining.

Or following the river Swale along the valley bottom past various villages and tea rooms.

I was too early for the tea room in Muker, but the shop provided.

No bridge here so had to paddle across on some very slippy stones.


Reeth - lemon meringue 

Potted  crab, followed by salmon, beetroot, dauphinoise potatoes, kale and pine nuts.


  1. Posh food last night :) sounds delish. Glad u took the low Road... The post loaded slowly and I was left in suspense as to which u took so was relieved to hear. Glad to see the room was a bit more in keeping with a long distance walk fare and to see that snacks have been available on the way, particularly gingerbread man. I'm about to depart for a run around derwent which is going to be a tad hot I fear. Stay shady out there man xx

  2. Hi Sarah, it was a day full of snacks. Running in this weather sounds like a much tougher challenge. Hope there’s a bit of a breeze for you x