Sunday, 3 June 2018

C2C Pactice

Edale to home - 20 miles or so
This is the longest walk I’ve done for quite a while, but needed some practice before the start of my coast to coast walk next month.


Edale and Mam Tor

Snake Pass

Walk down to Fairholmes

View towards Sheffield with Agden and Damflask reservoirs

Bradfield Church 

Last leg into Sheffield after a cheeky pint at the Old Horns

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cotswolds walk - Day 3

Last 8 miles - Burton-on-the-Hill to Upper Slaughter

A short walk after breakfast to the nabotique at Sezincote.

Elevenses - tea and lemon drizzle cake - at longbough.

Lunch - brie and cramberry baguettes - between Lower and Upper Swell.

Lower Swell

Afternoon tea at Upper Slaughter

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cotswolds walk - day 2

Another 8 miles from Ebrington to Burton-on-the-Hill

The path from Ebrington to Paxford. The walking today is even more gentle than yesterday.  

We got to Paxford before opening time for the Churchill Arms.

Time for afternoon tea at Morton-in-the-Marsh

The path through the barley to Burton-on-the-Hill

Climb up to the Horse and Groom at Burton

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Cotswolds walk - Day 1

8 miles or so, Weston-sub-Edge to Ebrington

The first Day of our 3-day walk southish along the Cotswolds started with a climb up Dovers Hill from Weston-sub-Edge.  There are a couple of paths up Dover's Hill, but our first choice ended at a cow filled field that we were reluctant to cross. Doubling back, we escaped the cows and also saw this amazing humming bird hawk moth feeding on a buddlija bush.

It's a bit blurry as it was moving so fast


Top of Dover's Hill

Chipping Campden for lunch

Market place Chipping Campden

The Ebrington Arms for a bath, dinner and bed.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Camino de Santiago - 8 km in the wrong direction

Donostia-SanSebastian to Pasaia - 8 km

I thought it was worth resurecting my Penine Way blog to record today's short walk with Dave along the coastal path in Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) that forms a short stretch of the Camino de Santiago.  I've not considered walking the whole Camino de Santiago, not least because of its religious connotations, but long distance walks have got into my blood a bit since last years Penine Way, so later this year Dave and me have a 3-day, pub to pub, Cotswolds walk planned, and next year I hope to walk Wainwright's Coast to Coast.  I might blog on both of these walks too, so here's a taster from today.

The walk starts with a climb out of Donostia - Hondartza beach behind us.

On Google Earth these steps, down to Pasaia, looked much more precipitous than they turn out to be.

It's a quick ferry ride to the old town of Pasaia for lunch

Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 16 The Cheviot and the end

13 miles Clennell Street to Kirk Yetholm

One nice bit of advice that Wainwright gives is to take your time walking and savour the moment as "you may not come this way again."

It's pretty hard to do that though, with 20 miles to cover in 12 hours of daylight. And try as I might to live in the moment, I've never quite managed to take my eye off the finish line (especially when your only experience of the present moment are too very sore and aching feet).

Today feels different though. I've never felt so happy on the last day of a holiday before and I set off this morning with a real spring in my step.  Even the long climb, a mile and a half up Clennell Street, to today's starting point felt joyous. Listening to Dave Brubeck digging Disney, with the morning sun in my face, and a sherbet lemon in my mouth.

I don't even hate my boots anymore - looking all newly waxy and dry.

So maybe it's taken 15 days of walking to get me to live in the moment. 

The Pennine Way has a spur that leads up the Cheviot (above), the highest hill in the range. I didn't take it though as apparently it's a bit of a boring hump, and I think I've done enough hills.

Top of The Schill

Even though I didn't climb the Cheviot, I did take the high route into Kirk Yethom, over several smaller hills and a half-mile further.

The finishing line 

Victor's free half-pint at the Border Hotel

And certificate

And log book of many Pennine Way walkers.  This book only started in June this year and already half-full!

A lot of people have asked "What way the best day?" Now I know, it was today, the last day - when I suddenly realised that I would do it all over again. 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 15 Windy Gyle

14 miles Byrness to Clennell street

Starting on the second-to-last day of walking, I'm feeling a strange mix of emotions. There's sadness, excitement and relief.  Hopefully in one day's time, at about 5.00 pm, I'll also be feeling a little victorious. 

Yesterday in Bellingham, I saw this man looking victoriouswalking home with his trophies and prize winning leeks.

Me on the Cheviots

Across the Cheviots, the Pennine Way follows the Scotland/England border crisscrossing it for much of it's course. This is the border fence and the gate were the route first crosses into Scotland. Perhaps inauspiciously, the gate catch was stuck closed, so I had to climb over.

More border fence


Rescue hut

Some essentials inside

The aptly named Windy Gyle

Clennell Street is where I walk off the Cheviots to catch my lift to tonight's B&B.