Thursday, 12 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 12

14 Miles - Grosmont to Robin Hoods Bay

Whitby - The North Sea came into view a couple of days ago but was too distant to photo. 

Falling Foss. Not much of a waterfall this time of year but a good excuse for a large cakery. 

Really lovely moor, covered in pink Cross Leaved Heath (heather).

Pebble from St Bees beach here on the sand at Robin Hoods Bay!

Needed a better photo that me paddling to end with.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 11

13 Miles - Blakey to Grosmont

Not cheating - this time finished the walk for the day before catching the train.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 10

19Miles - Ingleby Cross to Blakey

The stars aligned today - sun shining, a cold breeze, I finally find my walking feet and have the perfect road to let them go.

On to the North Yorkshire Moors

I wasn’t expecting cake today.

This countryside feels very familiar - just like the Peak District.

Belted Galloways, like Oreos, much better behaved than the Friesians yesterday.

Six climbs (little ones) in the morning over theses hills.

Then after lunch an 8-mile stretch along the old Rosedale Railway - easy fast walking across the top of the moor.

Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky.

Got to the Lion Inn at Blakley by about 3.30, a couple of hours sooner than I’d expected. I’d have been happy to walk other 8 miles along the railway track today.

Vegetable jalfrazi

Monday, 9 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 9

23 Miles - Richmond to Ingleby Crosss

Northallerton isn’t on the Coast to Coast route, but it is 15 miles nearer to Ingleby Cross!

Think I must have been the first to take this shortcut in months.

Then had to play blind man’s buff with all these cow’s, across the whole length of their field.