Thursday, 5 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 4

16 Miles - Patterdale to Shap

I didn’t photo last nights dinner. it was a slightly reckless green Thai curry but with lots of easy to digest rice. Anyway all is well with me and the world today.

Adam’s breakfast

View from the table

Farewell to Crookabeck B&B

I made good progress with a final climb in Lakeland. Brotherswater on the right, Ullswater on the left,

There was cool breeze blowing at times, and a few ice cold streams.  Found this one in time for lunch - cheese and pickle sandwich.

I didn’t get a photo of Thomas’s Honesty Box but did enjoy a cold drink and then still had room for a Diet Coke from Samual’s Shop.

There was lot of helpful signage along the way. And up here there are still gentleman to drop and pickup handkerchiefs!

All this loveliness put me in mind to have a go at some neglected art forms.

First, pastoral landscape with romantic ruin - Shap Abbey!

Second, a still life of all the things I packed but (it seems) will never need.

Butternut squash pie

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