Thursday, 12 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 12

14 Miles - Grosmont to Robin Hoods Bay

Whitby - The North Sea came into view a couple of days ago but was too distant to photo. 

Falling Foss. Not much of a waterfall this time of year but a good excuse for a large cakery. 

Really lovely moor, covered in pink Cross Leaved Heath (heather).

Pebble from St Bees beach here on the sand at Robin Hoods Bay!

Needed a better photo that me paddling to end with.


  1. You did it!!!! Lots like a cracking last day. I think you should have had a slice of every cake after that journey and I think your feet would have been a perfectly grand ending. Sleep well and looking forward to having you back in a city somewhere between two coasts xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was a good end. Looking forward to coming home. X