Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 10

19Miles - Ingleby Cross to Blakey

The stars aligned today - sun shining, a cold breeze, I finally find my walking feet and have the perfect road to let them go.

On to the North Yorkshire Moors

I wasn’t expecting cake today.

This countryside feels very familiar - just like the Peak District.

Belted Galloways, like Oreos, much better behaved than the Friesians yesterday.

Six climbs (little ones) in the morning over theses hills.

Then after lunch an 8-mile stretch along the old Rosedale Railway - easy fast walking across the top of the moor.

Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky.

Got to the Lion Inn at Blakley by about 3.30, a couple of hours sooner than I’d expected. I’d have been happy to walk other 8 miles along the railway track today.

Vegetable jalfrazi


  1. A veritable photo fest today. Food, animals and some of you :) another longish one today though eh? Looks like your night stop is pretty remote. The old railway looks like a special walking track. I would want to run along it but maybe not in boots with 11 miles under my belt! Glad it's a bit cooler I was virtually grinning through my morning run today because it was cooler! We've just been for an evrning wander in ecclesall woods. It was beautiful. Hug xx

    1. Hi Sarah, the pub is great, nothing else around for Miles, but popular with walkers and folk driving. Think you would have liked running on the old railway. Xx

  2. Glad you found your walking feet today Robert, finishing in good time and happy to walk another 8 miles is impressive... the North Yorkshire Moors look beautiful. Once bought a Jackson Browne single called 'Tender is the Night' in the eighties. Looking forward to the 20th. Helen x

  3. Was not so long as the walk we did from Hadrian’s Wall, and JB was not such good company xx