Thursday, 5 July 2018

Coast to Coast - Day 5

20 Miles - Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Into limestone country, but here something has dropped huge granite boulders, from Cumbria or Scotland or somewhere, on top of the limestone.

This one is the size of a round car.

Heading into more familiar territory for me.  I’m not good at spotting hills, but looking over the EdennValley, the one on the right is Great Dunn Fell. You can tell from the golfball transmitter on the summit. I walked past there on the way to Cross Fell on the Pennine Way 2 years ago.

Another hot day, worrying about fluids and electrolytes, but this self service cafe really helped.  You can see the  honesty fridge inside the simmer house.

Kirkby Stephen


  1. Ooooh nice room. It looks blisteringly hot mate! Must be hard to carry enough water. Keep getting it wherever u can. Glad about the honesty fridges. And salt too. Thinking of you this morning xx

  2. Hi Sarah, was hot but a few easier shorter days after this and planning around places to have drinks. Bought some water purification tablets from Kirkby Stephen. X