Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 10 Upper Teesdale and High Cup

20 Miles Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton

I was dreading the distance today but expecting some spectacular scenery along the Tees valley.  I wasn't wrong and ended the day awe inspired and aching.

The Tees runs fast and there are huge waterfalls along the route.

Low Force

High Force - the biggest waterfall in Britain 

Aptly named - Cauldron Snout.

Doesn't look much - The approach to High Cup.

High Cup - The photo really doesn't do this justice. 

How do you get down from here?

The further you go on the Pennine Way the more wild it gets, and the fewer people you see. I ate lunch at the side of Cauldron Snout and didn't see a soul. Had I fallen off High Cup, no one would have heard me scream.  Something about the walk today made me yearn for the Grouse Inn and Froggatt Edge.


  1. Breath taking Robert, how I wish I'd been with you rather than a boring meeting it Nottingham today! So glad you didn't fall off anything, didn't have to scream and lived to tell us more about your travels 😃 - safe travelling little bro xx

    1. I will keep well back from the edge of anything scary. Hope tomorrow is more fun for you. Xx

  2. Don't start thinking too much mate. You're doing so well. Must keep putting one foot in front of the other. I sent to edale with JT today and we thought of you as we looked up onto kinder. Sending love xx

    1. Thanks for good advice Sarah, love to you, JT and Edale too xxx