Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 16 The Cheviot and the end

13 miles Clennell Street to Kirk Yetholm

One nice bit of advice that Wainwright gives is to take your time walking and savour the moment as "you may not come this way again."

It's pretty hard to do that though, with 20 miles to cover in 12 hours of daylight. And try as I might to live in the moment, I've never quite managed to take my eye off the finish line (especially when your only experience of the present moment are too very sore and aching feet).

Today feels different though. I've never felt so happy on the last day of a holiday before and I set off this morning with a real spring in my step.  Even the long climb, a mile and a half up Clennell Street, to today's starting point felt joyous. Listening to Dave Brubeck digging Disney, with the morning sun in my face, and a sherbet lemon in my mouth.

I don't even hate my boots anymore - looking all newly waxy and dry.

So maybe it's taken 15 days of walking to get me to live in the moment. 

The Pennine Way has a spur that leads up the Cheviot (above), the highest hill in the range. I didn't take it though as apparently it's a bit of a boring hump, and I think I've done enough hills.

Top of The Schill

Even though I didn't climb the Cheviot, I did take the high route into Kirk Yethom, over several smaller hills and a half-mile further.

The finishing line 

Victor's free half-pint at the Border Hotel

And certificate

And log book of many Pennine Way walkers.  This book only started in June this year and already half-full!

A lot of people have asked "What way the best day?" Now I know, it was today, the last day - when I suddenly realised that I would do it all over again. 


  1. Well done Robert, we're very very proud of you, what an achievement 👍🏻, looking forward to catching up with you xx

    1. Thank you for all your encouragement Carol. Xxx

  2. Yes, well done Robert! A great blog and a great adventure...where to next...? xx

    1. Thanks Helen, couldn't have done it without you. I think a mornings walk and pub lunch in the Peak District. Xxx

  3. You did it!!!!! So pleased for you. Hope you had more than that free half pint 🍺. Really looking forward to catching up again in Sheffield. Enjoy complete rest before back to work. JT says a big congratulations too 💃🎇 🌟

    1. Thanks Sarah, and JT. You both set me going, and look where I ended up. Must have a bit of Duracell bunny in me too! X