Saturday, 3 September 2016

Day 7 Dodd Fell

14 miles Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Hawes

Today we had proper rain.  While getting wet, I thought of several good things about this. Firstly, it's given me a chance to try out my new waterproof trousers, that kept my legs dry and rustling throughout the day. Secondly, there's been no rain so far, apart from a squally shower on day 3, it didn't rain during the slippery limestone stepped ascent of Pen-Y-Ghent yesterday, and it's forecast fair for the next week too. So it's actually given me a more authentic Pennine Way experience (it seems that Wainwright had almost two years of constant rain while he was doing the field work for his book).

The negatives of rain are firstly, I couldn't see much. Secondly, I discovered my old coat isn't very waterproof, and as well as me getting wet, it also oozed white soap suds from a previous wash, spoiling (for anyone who might have seen), what I hoped would be a sleek black nylon ensemble.

I took a few photos before it got too wet and misty.

One of the Sell Gill holes

Another pot hole

The faint grey line in the distance is the Ribblehead Viaduct.

The best thing about today was that Dave drove up from Sheffield to meet me at Hawes this afternoon. This is us at the Sandpiper Inn in Layburn.


  1. Lovely picture of you and Dave. So sorry not to see one of your sleek black nylon outfit! It has rained here too all through the one mile walk I did from botanical gardens to Crookes so ok you win the walking in the train trophy 🏆. Hope you enjoyed your posh night out. Hello to Dave to S and J xx

  2. Will dress up for you next time we go for a walk it the weather is willing xxx

  3. Lovely photo of you and Dave, I empathise with the suds, once happened to me with a pair of canvas shoes :)

    1. Hehe, yes was it your canvas shoes walking back from the Limit? X