Sunday, 4 September 2016

Day 9 Bowes Moor

20 miles Keld to Middleton-in-Teesdale

I finished my blog early yesterday, before completing that last few picturesque miles to the end of Swaledale.

Keld is surrounded by waterfalls - this one is East Gill Force.

Waking up at Butt House in Keld this morning, I had 20 miles ahead of me much of it crossing a muddy moor that both Wainwright and Armitage seemed to hate.

Looking back at Keld this morning.  Butt House is the white building on the left.

First sight of the Tan Hill Inn.

Ten o'clock in the morning is a bit early, but it seemed a shame to walk past the highest pub in Britain without calling in.  A swift half also helped steady my nerves for crossing Bowes Moor. 

The A66 crosses Bowes Moor and the subway passing under it marks the halfway point of the Pennine Way

In the end I managed to reach Middleton-in-Teasdale without the water or mud coming over the tops of my boots. In poor visibility Bowes Moor must be pretty treacherous though.  


  1. Well done on the crossing Robert and happy halfway 🎈 Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure when you're safely home xx

    1. Hi Carol, I'm looking forward to being back home too. Hopefully won't bore you with stories xxx

  2. I love it that on such a beautiful journey and such a challenge the half way point is so ugly!!! Lovely to see you with your half pint. I want to hear about your meals too our text me some pictures. Still feel like I'm with u in spirit. Lol too that you stayed at butt house! 😂. You've inspired us to visit malham later this week as I've never been. Hug from me xx

    1. Well done Rob, what an adventure you are having. Loving the pictures and updates, sending lots of love and strong legs xxx

    2. Thanks for your encouragement Emma, it's very helpful as is proving quite a challenge for me. Will dream of my own bed tonight xxx

    3. Hi Sarah, it's mostly pies and chips and beer, but surprisingly nice as think is what I need.
      Butt House put on a good spread too! Really lovely village Keld and nice accommodation xx