Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 11 Cross Fell

19.5 Miles Dufton to Alston

The night's go fast on the Pennine Way. Partly because all you really want to do is rest a few hours more, but also there is so much to do - unpacking, bathing, tending feet, eating and having a few pints, and then an early night. Other routines I have are posting to this blog and the reading the next chapters of my Wainwright guide and Armitage's book, both read back to front.

Last night I was reading Armitage saying that "Cross Fell is a truly terrible place."  Well today it was a pussy cat, sunny warm and not a chance of losing the path. I think I had much more luck than poor old Simon.

Nice pub in Dufton - last night asparagus and leek pie, chips and mushy peas. (That was just for you and JT, Sarah). Also as of tonight I've done 183 miles

Climbing Knock Fell on the way to Cross Fell.

Great Dun Fell

Little Dun Fell and Cross Fell behind me.

Looking back

Shelter on the summit of Cross fell

The Lake District

Greg's Hut offers the only amusement on a long and quite boring descent from Cross Fell.

Inside Greg's Hut - maintained as a refuge for stranded walkers - there's a portrait of Greg over the fireplace.


  1. So happy to hear about your food rob 😉 sounds delicious. And your evening chores and early night are just up my street! 183 miles!!! I am so very impressed. And left wondering what mind of amusement there was to have in gregs hut with all that bunting. Hope you are sleeping well right now and look forward to tomorrow's installment xx

    1. Think it must have been a bit of a party. Probably with lots of Bailey's on offer. Sleeping better than I would in Greg's hut, would be greatful of a night there if stranded out on the fell.

  2. Just wanted to wish you luck for the rest of the walk - I head to Iceland tomorrow morning so not sure how often I will be logging in to check on your progress !

    1. Thanks Graham, hope it's a great holiday fully of adventure for you and Pete. Xx