Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Day 5 Airedale

17.5 miles Cowling to Malham

The owner of the Harlequin in Cowling said last night that the walking gets easier after day 4. I'm not so sure, but today was the longest day yet (it's also one of the flattest).

Pinhaw Beacon isn't much of a climb at all.

I think a lot of the paths were made new for the Pennine Way 51 years ago. As was maybe this sign, that must be the nicest "keep off the grass" warning that I've ever seen.

Alison, Chris and Buddy met me for lunch at the Masons Arms in Gargrave.

Chris is walking with me for the next day and a half.

The approach to Malham.


  1. I've managed to start and accidentally delete this comment 3 times! I'm thinking of you as I have my coffee at Starbucks (and I've sneaked in my own toast 😉) it's raining here so hoping its a bit brighter for you as you are now miles and miles away 😊 and for your steepest climb today xx

    1. Hi Sarah, hope the coffee was good. Rains held off today but forcast heavy for tomorrow. I found a whistle too, you'll be glad to hear, at the Pen-Y-Ghent Cafe in Horton-in-Ribblesdale xx