Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day 1 Kinder and Bleaklow

15 miles Edale to Torside

When he knew I was coming on this walk Dave gave me a copy of Alfred Wainwright's Pennine Way Companion. In the comfort of our living room yesterday I was reading Wainwright's sobering warming that "lives have been lost on Bleaklow". This is also the stretch of the pennine way that defeated Simon Armatage (although contrary-wise he half planned not to finish it anyway).  So I was very glad to have had Sarah walking with me today.

This is the first signpost and the start of the Pennine way. Dave, and Jane bidding Sarah and me a very fond farewell.

The foot of Jacobs Ladder

Kinder Downfall

No lives lost - not even a broken finger nail

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  1. Fab day walk. Respect to Rob. I'm not planning on moving much today and he's got another 250 miles to do. Will be waiting eagerly for the next posts