Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 3 Stoodly Pike

15 miles Standedge to Hebden Bridge

I've never walked this far north in the Peak District before, and today I'm walking out of it's northern boundary and into the wilds of of a new OS map (OL21 South Pennines).

The start is at a higher altitude, thanks to a tough climb from Weserden reservoir at the end of the day yesterday. There are also no big climbs this side of Hebden Bridge, so It should be an easier day.  Though, perhaps because of the increased pace, Wainwright says that this is the day that most risks blisters.

At breakfast today I spoke to a fellow walker. So far there seems to be only one synchronised with me. I saw him having breakfast  at Torside, and he later passed me while I was eating lunch on Soldier's Lump.   Today we spoke briefly and I think we have a tacit understanding that, as I was setting off first, I'd keep up a good pace and stay ahead. There's more choice if B&Bs at Hebden Bridge and tonight we're staying at different ones.   

Briefly into Lancashire.

It was visible yesterday and here it is again - Manchester from Blackstone Edge.

Lunch - A cheesy fish pie and a pint at the White House Inn

The Monument on Stoodly Pike that I think marks the end of the dark gritstone Pennine hills that I've been following from Edale.

What is it about men in prominent positions?


  1. We are glad your included what you had to eat. We were wondering about it yesterday. Good to see you popped into Lancashire 😊. Enjoy hebden tonight don't let all those women intimidate you. And be a super sleuth and avoid company for the next 13 days 😉 look forward to tomorrows installment. Xx

    1. Hi Sarah, I'll share the photos of a night out in Hebden tomorrow. Xx

  2. Was Wainwright right? Like the sound of cheesy fish pie. Great carb / protein loading, lol xx